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Known issues

These are the current known issues that have not been dealt with in the newest version
  • Ratings images do not display on AddRestaurant.aspx and hence ratings cannot be given to new restaurants
  • details.aspx does not check if the user has already rated a restaurant so a user could rate the same one many times, thus affecting the average
  • validators have not been added to all areas of data entry
  • explanations in the form of pop-ups (using Extenders) need to be added to anywhere a rating is required or shown
  • On RecipeList.aspx the change-over from GridView to ListView must be completed - the page is currently showing both. ListView is working functionally but does not look good.
  • RecipeList.aspx is not showing the correct recipes when a tag is selected (issue with ListView)
  • Profile.aspx is not displaying photos in the ListView. However, photos are shown in the GridView when a single user is selected.

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